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Songs to sing with your three year old - Our favorite Youtube channels

If one of your language goals is to increase input in your target language, songs are a great resource!

I like to take 5 to 7 songs and put them on a playlist and just listen to them over and over until my kids know the full lyrics or start asking for new songs. Then I create a new playlist. And the process starts over again.

Singing is a great way to learn a new language
Children singing

Why does this work?

First, because songs are catchy and fun to sing! If they come with a video it's a plus but it's not necessary.

Second, because the songs are on repeat, they are listening to a specific set of songs every time. It's just one set, over and over again. Kids love repetition and knowing which song comes next gives them a sense of comfort/security.

Finally, it's great to try to incorporate these songs throughout the day or in the evening if you like to sing. We try to sing these in the car as well on our way to daycare or activities.

Here are our favourite youtube channels for songs in Spanish:

Canticos is an Emmy-nominated, Kidscreen Award-winning brand by Encantos. They make bilingual songs and videos for preschoolers and also have an app, which we really enjoy!

This channel from Colombia has some super fun children’s music songs and videos.

CANTAJUEGOS @CantaJuegos-Oficial

From Spain, this group of singer/dancers entertain children with their fun choreography and life sized mascots. While their spanish is spanish from Spain, they do have latin american spanish songs. Our three year old loves to dance to their choreography!

Remember that repetition is key when learning a new language. Select a few songs that you like and then sing them over and over and over!

I hope you found this list helpful. Happy singing!


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