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December: Celebrating traditions & making new ones

This is my favourite time of the year!! Not just because of the "magic" of Christmas, but because it's a full month to celebrate our family's cultures. I say family's because it is at times like these that I realize I want to celebrate my Mexican heritage, but I also want my girls to know about their Canadian Heritage. Christmas is an opportunity to explore both those cultures, adopt traditions and make new ones!

This year I am particularly excited because I want to start a new tradition: having an Advent Calendar, where each day we do a new activity in Spanish. I know, I know, it sounds like a lot, but when you see the calendar that I have created, you will notice that the activities are simple to replicate and do, and that each will bring much fun to your family!

Here below you will find the Advent Calendar with one activity set for each day. You can print your calendar and have it ready for easy access, or you could cut out each day and put each activity in its own little envelope and have your child open a new one every day!

For each day, there are links to follow for the activity. You can find the whole 24 days right here, on my pinterest board (find it here). I have also grouped together several of the activities that require printing, so that you can do it once and have most of the material available for all 24 days! How awesome is that!

Actividades - IMPRIMIR
Download PDF • 8.12MB

I hope you enjoy every single activity I planned out for you with your family and that this is the most magical of christmas!

With love,



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