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Best website with FREE Spanish resources for raising bilingual kids

If you are sharing your language with your child, and are looking for additional support tools, or are simply looking for FREE BOOKS, you need to know about this website:

website name and header found on the site

This website is GOLD for raising bilingual kids. is a site that hosts free books in Spanish on a variety of subjects. As the website states, their goal is to make the best books and the best material available to everyone, to encourage reading and learning. They believe that education should be free and accessible to all.

So what type of books will you find there and how will it help in your bilingualism journey or in raising bilingual kids?

The site currently hosts over 3500 free pdf books from short stories to books about animals, sports and physics to name a few. And regarding languages? There are hundreds of books for learning different languages, including Spanish.

Banner with the word "language" or idioma from the website

And look at the list of other languages! Amazing!

table of content list with all the books and exercise books available in multiple languages
table of content for languages

My favourite thing about this site is that it has a full section with exercises for language learning tailored to children. How awesome is that!!

Breakdown of the exercises for kids available in Spanish.
Ejercicios de español para niños

This website is a gold mine for anyone who wants to learn more and do so for free. This site can become your go to resource in your bilingual parenting and help support language learning for you and your family.

So if you haven't checked it out yet, make sure to visit the site and take advantage of this free resource that without a doubt will help you in your bilingualism journey.


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