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3 Awesome Gifts to send to your grandkids this Christmas

“Being a Grandma is my favourite thing in the world”. - Grandma Heather.

My kids love their grandparents. But sometimes, it’s hard because they are far away. And with the holidays around the corner, many grandparents will wonder what they can gift their grandkids. Here are 3 great gifts that will be enjoyed by kids both big and small.

1. Experiences: whether its movie tickets, a pass to the zoo or to the or a local museum, these gifts will be enjoyed by grandchildren and will create unique memories that they will remember for a lifetime. Our family really enjoys going to local museums, and a yearly pass will allow grandparents to take the kids there when they come to visit.

2. Tickets to a live show: Check out the listings for your family’s location. This gift can be a great way to create memories for the grandchildren and a great topic of conversation once the show has ended. You could also purchase the tickets to see the show with them when you visit. If you don’t know what shows might be available, you can always check out (Canada) or (USA).

Check out my post on 3 tips on how to facetime with grandkids here.

3. Subscription to children's magazine - This is a great gift for kids that are learning to read or older kids. National Geographic has a subscription for kids; Owlkids has subscriptions for little ones (Chirp ages 3-6) and older kids (Chickadee ages 6-9). For older kids, check out Muse Magazine, a science and arts magazine.

I hope you found this list helpful !

Happy holidays!



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