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10 funny quotes about bilingualism

Raising bilingual kids can be hard! And if you are like me, you might have made the mistake of assuming that it would be easy because, after all, you are bilingual so how hard can it be?

It turns out that it requires a bit of planning, but mostly, a lot of consistency and discipline.

I’ll write a whole other blog about how to be more consistent and finding support, and tips on how to stay motivated when you are raising bilingual kids. In the meantime, I thought that I would dedicate this blog to just telling you some funny quotes about bilingualism. Because sometimes you just need a good laugh.

Here it goes:

I once hear someone say that they were trilingual cause they spoke English, Spanish and the language of Love. They thought that was hilarious!

My bilingualism has gotten me so many things in life. I truly believe speaking many languages is a superpower!

Have you ever tried to curse in one language and then realized your mom understood?? Never underestimate how much moms understand, even in a foreign language!

This quote is too funny! and so true! As a trilingual, sometimes I find myself thinking in another language and then I can't find the word in the community language! So i have to describe it and hope people understand....

I love this quote. All my life i have had my own personal interpreter: ME!! I have been able to talk to foreign friends, teach english to my peers and I can always read the description to art pieces in museums, cause I can do it in at least one language!!

This next one is funny and very accurately describes what it means to be bilingual: To have two currencies to navigate the world. How awesome is that!!

When I was living in Peru, I was so lucky to speak the language, because right away, I understood what was going on. I didn't have to pause a conversation to get a translation of what was being discussed. I was able to jump right it. Which is one of the amazing benefits of being bilingual.

Need I say more??

This quote was really funny - and it truly reflects the value of being in a bilingual family. Do you agree?

For sure this last one is my favourite quote of all:

What do you think of these funny quotes? do you agree? Which one was the funniest to you?I would love to hear it! Make sure to keep following and subscribe to my newsletter to not miss any more fun things about bilingualism.


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