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Celebrating our traditions: Día de los muertos

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

It's the end of October already! I cannot believe it, and soon, we will be celebrating the "Dia de los Muertos" at our home.

If you are unfamiliar with this festivity in Mexico, it is the celebration of loved ones who have passed away. Families gather at cemeteries, bringing their loved ones favourite foods and drinks. They decorate tombstones with papel picado, candles, pictures and cepansuchil flowers.

It is a beautiful tradition, one that has been done for many centuries. (if you are curious about this holiday, watch disney's movie Coco). If you are want to read more about the history of el Dia de los Muertos check out this article by HISTORY (here) We love this tradition and I thought I would share with you three easy steps to make your Altar del Día de los Muertos at home.

1) Gather pictures of your loved ones that have passed away. For us, we use the pictures of my Abuelo and Abuela, of my Canadian Grandparents, my aunt Calicia and my husband's Grandparents. You can include also include pictures of pets. And if you don't have a picture, feel free to draw one as well! There are no rules. Make it your own.

2) Orange Flowers, Papel picado and bread You will want to decorate your Altar with orange flowers (marigolds or flor de cepansuchil are believed to guide spirits to the altar). Make some papel picado to decorate and add some candles as well. Here is an link to a tutorial on how to make papel picado

Traditionally, pan del dia de los muertos is also present in Altares. If you want to make your own, here is an easy recipe (without yeast! yay!)

3) Get Your loved One's favorite things The beauty of the Dia de los Muertos is that it's made to remember our loved ones. So we put out our loved ones things to do. For example my Abuelita used to love chocolate, so there are little kitcats and chocolates for her. My Tia Calicia was an amazing teacher, so we se have an apple set for her. and My Grandad was an excellent cribbage player, so a deck of cards and cribagge board for him. Put it all together and voila! You've got your Altar del dia de los muertos!

This unique Mexican celebration is an opportunity to remember loved ones, and a celebration that can be held anywhere.

Check out my IG page to see our Altar! [Click here]

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