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14 Things I love about you

I like Valentine's day. Yes, it's a commercial. Yes, you could tell the person you love how much you love them any other day of the year but somehow hearing it on Valentine’s Day makes it extra special. a Mexican, it's not just Valentine’s Day.

I particularly like the fact that as a Mexican, it's not just Valentine’s Day.You see in Mexico, this date is actually called ‘Dia del amor y la amistad’ (Day of love and friendship). It's a day when we celebrate not only those whom we love but also the friendships we have. And so on this Febuary 14th, I will make some time to sit down with my girls and show them pictures of some of my favorite people. I’ll ask them about their friends, their names and what they like to play. (In a non pandemic era, I would have actually met some of these friends, but since we are not allowed into the schools, I’ll have to ask).

Post-its are a mom's best friend!

The other thing I will do is a fun activity that was quite successful last year. As a mom of young girls, I feel it's super important to strengthen self esteem and empower them at every possible opportunity. Last year, starting February 1st, I gave each girl a post it daily that described something that I loved about them. Everyday before school, they would get a post-it and got to stick it on a sheet of paper that had a big heart and their name on it. The post-its would say things like “I love your smile” or ‘I love how brave you are’. I did it all in Spanish but any language will do.

This super simple exercise was so easy to do, and they loved it!

Here are some things that you can say to your little one:

If your child goes to school, why not have them do valentine's day cards in spanish? Check out these designs that I made for you!

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